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  1. NSR500
    NSR500 fatbob99
    Is it the semi active unit you have for sale or the standard one?
  2. Peter Heath
  3. jack999s
    jack999s Design Corse Ducati
    Hi, Just wondering if you can do forum discount on the AEM factory products? Cheers Jack
    1. Design Corse Ducati
      Design Corse Ducati
      Hello Jack,

      Sure we offer Forum members discounts on AEM and other brands.

      Please use the following 10% discount code at checkout its valid for 5 days: VLKRTNEQS7HS
      Jan 17, 2017 at 2:59 PM
  4. OtherbikesaBrompton
    OtherbikesaBrompton MAPEO
    Are the panniers still for sale?
  5. Shoboshi
    Shoboshi jack999s
    X Lite Carbon helmets......

    hi Jack.

    I work in a motorcycle accessory shop and sell Xlites all the time.
    I've done some training with the importer and being an XLite wearer myself, know the product very well.
    I just don't tell forum members where I work as it can get a bit uncomfortable people asking for discounts etc.

    Hope this helps explain my comments in your thread.

    1. jack999s
      Understand totally mate. Your reply was what I was hoping to here. I got the motor gp for £439 with free visor. It's the cheapest I could find. The seller put the price of them up to £499 the day after I bought mine. Got it on ebay. Cheers again for advice mate
      Jan 13, 2017 at 9:08 PM
    2. Shoboshi
      Which seller if you don't mind me asking?
      Jan 13, 2017 at 9:33 PM
  6. Freshwaters1
    Freshwaters1 JH_1986
    Hi Jh thanks for digging out the bracket.....very kind of you. Is this the correct place to send my address privately? Apologies but new to forums. How much do you want for the bracket?
  7. Peter Kjær
    Peter Kjær Nickmts12
    Hi Nick, please get in touch reg. your Full Termi System for sale.....
    Br. Peter
    tel: +4522876123
  8. DesiDiavel
    Diavel Rider - Desi - Loving It
  9. Gillybeans
    Gillybeans MKF Ducati 24500
    Hi Mathew my budget is 50k but I am looking at a couple of bikes at 45k at the moment but with 2700 miles. What sort of money are you looking at for the Desmosedici ?
  10. Dale Scott
    Dale Scott simmytt
    Hi are you still selling mirrors
  11. Filmoor
    Filmoor Nickmts12
    Hi Nick Hope you don't mind me asking but why are you selling the termi system ?
    Cheers Phil (Filmoor)
    1. Nickmts12
      I'm considering selling the bike come spring and can't see me using it so taking the exhaust off incase it does sell. Have other interests that I wouldn't mind putting the money into at the minute
      Jan 2, 2017
    2. Filmoor
      Hi Nick is the exhaust still for sale?
      Jan 14, 2017 at 12:42 PM
  12. Misterpink
    One cool cat...hahaaaa
  13. Cookie4010
    Our wedding day.
  14. Maplesyrup
  15. Penfold
    Penfold Steve8484
    looking to get some clipons for my 749.. i am looking at woodcraft, but have come across MC motoparts versions..then I noticed you put some on your 848... how have they lasted? any pros or cons with em? would you reccomend them?
  16. Wayneo
    Just bought an oem dp seat cowl for my 748 biposta - anyone got any pics fitted
  17. Vince Carlton
    Vince Carlton tom.i
    Hi Tom, Ducati Dad pointed me in your direction as i'm looking for a big exhaust system for my 996 which i'm fitting a 999R motor in. Looking for 998 race system sort of stuff 57mm size ideally, obviously the fitment at exhaust manifold is different but I can alter that myself. Anything in your armoury or any info. gratefully received, cheers Vince.
  18. Kenneth
    Kenneth Daddy2coull
    Hi Adam, I sent through £10 to your email address.
    My address is as follows

    Kenneth Gorman
    Co. Offaly

  19. Daddy2coull
    Daddy2coull Kenneth
    Hi. My PayPal address is don't forget to send me your address!!


  20. Col_C
    Defected to Triumph (Speed Triple '94R)