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  1. Cloudy72
    Been offered a set of 1199 titanum Termi's end cans not the full set. Question is will they fit a 1299
  2. Bikerbabe
    Bikerbabe foz
    Posted this afternoon.
    2nd class, signed for - as agreed. It was just over 1 kilo by 6 grammes (grrr), so 2nd class rather than 1st class
    Sue :-)
  3. frank1977
    frank1977 roca1976
    Sorry to bother you. Do you still have the Race Seat Unit Triumph Street Triple/R 2009? Thanks
  4. foz
    Peter Forzani, 2 The Oval, Banstead, Surrey. SM7 2QY
  5. foz
  6. foz
  7. Bikerbabe
    Bikerbabe foz
    Thanks for the BACS payment Foz.
    Please send me your address.......... that might help!!!
    Sue :-)
  8. Bikerbabe
    Bikerbabe foz
    OK - so BACS please:
    Miss S E G Barnes
    #: 00125911
    S/C: 160042
    1. foz
      Hi Sue, all done, hope to meet up at berry hill one day!

      Many thanks

      Mar 28, 2017 at 10:29 AM
  9. Bikerbabe
    Bikerbabe foz
    £4.40 - signed for, 1st Class. Let me know what you prefer - post or collection. I am free Saturday for a ride out, not Sunday this week.
    1. foz
      Hi Sue, if you could post, that works for me. J to get to you, just don't have the time at the moment,. but will take you up on the offer. I can BACS if that suits you or paypal send to a friend. Let me know which you would prefer. foz
      Mar 27, 2017 at 4:56 PM
  10. Bikerbabe
    Bikerbabe foz
    The bike cover is available. Do you want to do a BACS transfer? I will check postage cost online - or you can come down for a ride to Bury Hill and collect it?? You are not far away at all.....
  11. quantuman
    quantuman nickmarieke
    Hi Nick.. Thanks for displaying the info on the 1098R... is this a garage/shop selling this as I'm very interested in the bike...What advise can you give me please.... I live in the UK.. Best regards Enrico
  12. CraigAlesandroFoschi
    Brilliant spin today around West Wales!
  13. Blackrat
    Do we all have high stress levels!
  14. Is13evil
    Is13evil ibgarrow
    Do you still have the full Termignoni Full System?
    1. ibgarrow
      Sorry, no.
      Mar 25, 2017 at 2:11 PM
    2. Is13evil
      Ok thank you
      Mar 25, 2017 at 2:16 PM
  15. Ken Finney
    Ken Finney
    If anyone from this forum is ever up the North Coast direction, feel free to let me know, if you want some company....
  16. Ken Finney
    Ken Finney
    Well, work in Saudi finally coming to an end. Home on 1st April and looking forward to the first summer home since 2009.
  17. leigh
    leigh B5rlr
    No problem Rob
  18. Darrell Hawkins
    Darrell Hawkins
    Any one selling off any tasty mods from 2012 Hypermotard 796
  19. Coffey
    Its going to be a long 2 weeks!
  20. Jessica Smith